3 Funny Warehouse Fails (And One Epic Win!)

As we’ve discussed in a previous article, warehouses can be really dangerous places. Following proper safety practices can mean the difference between life and death… But some people just didn’t get the memo! So much so that all we can do is throw up our hands and laugh at the ridiculousness of it and thank our lucky stars that none of this nonsense is going on in our workplace. (We hope!)


The Infamous ‘Forklift Stack’

Would you just look at these guys?! It’s almost as if they read the safety guidelines and then deliberately set out to do the opposite! We’re impressed with their balancing skills, even as we’re cringing. The longer you look at this one, the more amazing it gets.

2. The Pallet Pack That Would Make Your Grandma Cry 

It’s bad enough when the 14 year old kid at the supermarket puts your laundry powder in the same bag as your bread, your tomatoes in with your baked beans, and your frozen berries next to your hot chicken, but this?! This is next level in the incredulous head shaking department! What were they thinking?! We’ll never, never know! Maybe the joke’s on us, maybe they’re titanium eggs?

3. Welcome to the Chaos!

An organisational fiend’s worst nightmare, and a fossicker’s dream come true. We’re sure there’s someone who actually has a pretty good handle on where everything is in this mess. Just one person though. One person who must never, ever be sick or go on holiday, otherwise nothing will ever, ever be found!


Ok, while hanging upside on equipment is technically a safety fail, we’re a fan of the creativity and ingenuity of this one. Go Spidey, go! Stop that suspicious looking soft drink thief! We know some places where this kind of superhero would be very welcome!

Now, you may have noticed we didn’t include any pallet racking fails… Truth is, try as we might, we just can’t see how that particular result is ever funny. We’re literally in the business of preventing those kind of fails! So, if you’d rather get your warehouse funnies in the form of improvised warehouse superheros, give us a call here at Cane Toad Tough and we’ll make sure your warehouse doesn’t end up as a ‘funny fail’. At least not in the ‘the whole pallet racking system collapsed’ category! Maybe your team has some other funny skill they’d rather be famous for?! Synchronised forklift line-dancing?!


Lead image source: Muhd Asyraaf