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Sydney Pallet Racking Protection Solutions

The Cane Toad® is an upright racking product designed to save money, heartache and injury resulting from pallet racking repairs. Our patented Sydney pallet racking solution protects the bottom of your pallet racking and is revolutionising the warehouse and pallet storage industry throughout Australia.

The Cane Toad® is virtually indestructible, fully engineered, and constructed of 6mm thick steel. After decades of offering pallet racking repairs, The Cane Toad Tough team knew there was a better way. Extensive research and testing lead to a much improved alternative Sydney pallet racking protectors available in the US and Europe. Part of the design objective was to not only further increase safety, but to also develop a pallet racking protector that was more efficient to retrofit to existing pallet racking.

Sydney Pallet Racking Protection Design & Guarantee

The patented and engineer certified design has made this Sydney pallet racking protector safe and affordable whilst also being high quality. It’s also an great example of the improvement of pallet protection since the launch of other international models. Confidence with their product is so high, they are willing to offer; that if your Cane Toad Tough pallet racking protector is damaged during your normal operations they will replace it FREE OF CHARGE anywhere in Australia.

The Cane Toad® was developed to save you time and money by avoiding costly racking repairs. It’s peace of mind for any storage business. It’s functional and safe for every user and company.

Contact Cane Toad Tough today and protect your pallet storage!