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Protecting Pallet Storage Brisbane Wide

Pallet Storage BrisbaneA warehouse full of pallet racking is a sight to behold. It’s also a potentially dangerous situation and place if the racking is unstable or damaged. This type of instability and damage is caused by constant knocks and clips from a forklift. What if you could make it safer and have the ability to reduce the overall cost of repairs? The Cane Toad® system is a device that mounts to the base of your racking. It reduces the need for repairs and storage downtime. The Cane Toad® is available for all warehouses and pallet storage Brisbane wide.

What Does The Cane Toad® Do For My Racking?

The legs of your pallet racking will be protected and safer by a Cane Toad®. It’s built to lasts and is practically indestructible. The surface area covered by the legs has a lot to do with the pallet racking centre of gravity. The Cane Toad® will not only protect the legs, it also widens the surface area covered by the legs. You’ll have a more stable and safe pallet racking and support. Your warehouse and your staff are safe from any racking giving way. The Cane Toad® is more cost effective than having your racking repaired. More safety in your warehouse and more money in your pocket.

What Makes A Cane Toad® So Tough?

The Cane Toad® is made to be virtually indestructible due to its 6mm thick steel construction. It’s the premier upright racking leg protection on the market. Its counterparts in the US and UK are no match for the strength and durability of the Cane Toad®. You will have more protection, stability and strength with them than with any other product on the market. Not to mention the lowing of repairs and maintenance. A Cane Toad® is Cane Toad Tough.

Get your pallet racking protection and strengthen your pallet storage Brisbane wide. Contact Cane Toad Tough for more information about what they can do for you and your business.