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Pallet Racking Safety

Your pallet storage business relies efficiency and safety of your staff, stock and equipment. Warehousing, cold storage and general storage companies need safe and structurally sound pallet racking systems. It costs time, money and storage capacity every time pallet racking is compromised and requires repair. To combat the inefficiencies and issues surrounding pallet racking safety, here at Cane Toad Tough , we have developed a pallet racking safety device that provides a longer lasting fix to your pallet storage safety issues. The Cane Toad® is a pallet racking protection device with 100s of units already deployed throughout warehousing, cold storage and general storage facilities around Australia.

pallet racking safety

What Will The Cane Toad® Pallet Racking Safety Device Do For You?

The Cane Toad® is a pallet racking safety device that’s practically indestructible, placed at your racking’s most vulnerable part, it’s uprights. It not only stops a forklift from hitting the uprights, it actually widens the surface area taken up by the supports reducing the chance of collapse or significant damage. Ultimately, this pallet racking safety device reduces racking repairs and the safety issues that often surround warehouse and storage environments. The Cane Toad® is bolted to the ground and your pallet racking providing stronger support and, often, for less than the cost of the repair. The Cane Toad® will reduce a pallet racking system repair downtime resulting in more money in your pocket and better safety in your warehouse.

What Is This Pallet Racking Safety Device Made Of?

Made from 5mm of thick steel, The Cane Toad® virtually indestructible protecting uprights from forklift and equipment collision. Some racking protection devises are available in the US and UK, however, these have not been engineered to the standard of The Cane Toad®. The Cane Toad® protects, stabilises and strengthens better than any other pallet safety product available on the market. The Cane Toad® is so effective that just by being installed once you are already saving on repairs and maintenance from DAY ONE.

Your business is important and your storage space has a lot to do with your cash flow. Why not protect your investment with the best product available on the market today. Contact the Cane Toad® team to find out what they can do for you and your business.