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Pallet Racking Melbourne Company Address Storage Issues

Pallet Racking MelbourneWith warehouses being used all over the country every day, the pallet racking is under constant strain. For companies that rely upon pallet racking as well as forklifts, the repair cost of forklift-related damage is astronomical. Seeing this problem every day during their repairs and maintenance rounds, Matt Gade, created a solution, The CANE TOAD®.  Matt and his team designed this device to help with day to day operations and the safe of workers from falling pallet racking.  The CANE TOAD® helps to address a problem of Pallet Racking Melbourne faces every day.

What is The CANE TOAD®?

The CANE TOAD® is an indestructible pallet racking protector. It’s is a design from thousands of hours of research. This research was undertaken to determine the effects of movement and clipping of the pallet racking as well as the effect of this on its structural integrity. The conclusion from this research was that the pallet racking needs to be protected at the base where the legs are vulnerable to stray forklift manoeuvres. If you protect the bottom of the racking you will have a stable, long-lasting storage racking and fewer replacement costs.

The CANE TOAD® is constructed with 6mm thick steel all over. This means it’s perfect for anything a forklift can throw at it. Also, the CANE TOAD® is so well put together that it keeps the pallet racking stable even during any sort of impact because it’s able to protect the legs from buckling. The CANE TOAD® means less stress, expenses on repair, more time for deliveries and more productivity. The CANE TOAD® is a lifesaver for companies that use a warehouse.

Why Choose The CANE TOAD®?

The CANE TOAD® is guaranteed to slow to a halt, the damage inflicted on the pallet racking and their legs. This means a safer working environment with no risk of falling stock or broken racking.

Why not contact The CANE TOAD® today to get a quote and make your pallet racking safer than ever.