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Pallet Racking Dandenong Warehouse Rely On Get Strong

Pallet Racking Dandenong

The Dangers of Pallet Racking

If you are in warehousing, storage or cold storage, chances are you rely on pallet racking forklifts. Even with the best-training forklift operators, accidents still can happen with anything between small pallet racking scrapes and knocks to more serious pallet racking collapse. This can put your staff, equipment and stock at risk.

If you own a warehousing company and have pallet racking Dandenong, such damage can be disastrous. Depending on the amount of pallet racking you have, you could be spending thousands of dollars every year in pallet racking repairs, and, it doesn’t have to be this way.

The Cane Toad®

We Offer Pallet Racking Dandenong

What is The Cane Toad® Pallet Racking Protection System?

The Cane Toad® is a pallet racking protection device that is indestructible and has been designed to correct the issues causing pallet racking structural damage. No surprise, the damage was primarily located around the base of most pallet racking uprights as a result of forklift contact and collision. This is still the number 1 factor for the deterioration and damage to pallet racking systems. In order to maintain structural integrity of pallet racking, the best method found was to protect the ground level uprights with The Cane Toad® making a 100% improvement. These devices keep the base protected providing stability and structural integrity needed for warehousing operation. Specially in confined spaces where forklift contact is common and in cold storage environments where relocating stock is not a viable option.

The construction of The Cane Toad® consists of 5mm thick steal. This is the reason why it can withstand a forklift collision. It also means that because of this construction it can also keep the pallet racking safe from falling and buckling putting stock and lives at risk. It protects the pallet racking uprights from damage which keep the warehouse floor safe. No more racking collapse, less expenditure on repairs, less stress and more productivity. All of the businesses and warehouses  we’ve done business with so far don’t question their need to invest in The Cane Toad®.

So if you are looking to make your warehouse and your staff safer, contact CANE TOAD TOUGH today.