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Faqs Frequently asked questions


How much does The Cane Toad® Cost?

With pallet racking repairs costing anywhere from $500 PLUS The Cane Toad® has been priced right to make it a no brainer. It costs less than a repair and has the potential to save you tens of thousands of dollars in product spoilage, time, risk and safety related matters.


What is The Cane Toad® made from, and where is it made?

The Cane Toad® is made from 5mm thick steel.

We also offer the choice of powder coated or hot dipped galvanised steel to suit your needs.


How does the guarantee work?

We like to keep things simple here at Cane Toad Tough, so our guarantee simply and wholly means that if you manage to damage The Cane Toad® through the course of normal usage, we will replace it, completely free, anywhere in Australia.



We have the product and people power to deploy immediately.


What type of pallet racking is The Cane Toad® suitable for?

The Cane Toad® fits ALL types of pallet racking. We can install to any current pallet racking system, and work with you to install from scratch if it’s a new business or space.

This product is especially valuable in high traffic or tight access areas such as cool rooms and freezer – the spaces where you can least afford to stop for maintenance.

Because The Cane Toad® is the next level in solid construction and durability, proactive installation mean stopping for maintenance becomes a thing of the past.


How does The Cane Toad® differ from what’s already on the market, or the system I already have?

There is no “other option” in the Australian market quite like this, and it’s been improved in durability and functionality than its US and European counterparts.

The Cane Toad® differs from the system you already have, because regular uprights are completely exposed and not resistant to forklifts.

Click below to invite us in to show you how we can improve your pallet racking uprights in your new or existing warehouse.