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The Protection of Brisbane Pallet Racking Is Essential

Brisbane Pallet RackingIf you have Brisbane pallet racking as part of your day to day functions, then you know they need protection. Protection from the new guy on the forklift who doesn’t know the warehouse layout quite well enough yet. Save the structure of these storage giants from the “Corner” cutting forklift operator. They are too happy to nick them as they drive by them. Whatever the reason, the Brisbane pallet racking specialists at Cane Toad Tough have developed a protective device. It’s called The Cane Toad®.

This patented and engineer certified design makes the base of your racks so strong that they can’t be damaged. This device’s construction has made it so incidents like we’ve described, don’t damage the base of the racks. Without The Cane Toad®, you could have a final bump to the base of a rack, where the base cracks under the pressure. The entire rack crumbles and thousands of dollars of product is broken on the floor. The Cane Toad® ultimately stops incidents like this by just being as tough as diamond.

More About The Cane Toad®

The Cane Toad® is an upright racking protection product, saving you money, heartache and injury. The construction is designed to withstand direct hits from a forklift or vehicle, thereby saving the racking from cracking under pressure. The 6mm thick steel construction is set up at the base to get more surface area to the legs of the rack. The Cane Toad®, not only stops the actual pallet racking from harm, it creates a wider base. This even outs the distribution of weight on the floor, giving more support to the racking whilst preventing damage.

If you have Brisbane pallet racking dependent business, maybe it’s time to protect them once and for all. Contact Cane Toad Tough today to get your racking as strong as it can be.